Sunday, 15 April 2012

piCture pOlish - Peacock

Hi there

I can't believe how quickly that week off work went. It's back to work tomorrow for me.

So I just wanted to show you a polish that I bought from an Australian company called piCture pOlish.  This is from their Opulance range. It's called Peacock and it's the only one I have from this range at the moment.

I would describe Peacock as a mix of emerald and blue glitters suspended in a purple base. It's very pretty but does need a top coat to bring back the shine and sparkle as it dries matte.

My pinkie finger is 2 coats of Peacock and was a bit patchy so on the other fingers I did a base coat of purple (sorry can't remember which one I used) and then I did a coat of Peacock then the top coat and I was alot happier with it as it showed more purple which always makes me happy.

piCture pOlish are now retiring some of their other shades are they are now on sale. You can order online at

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!



  1. Wow, you have really long nails! Peacock looks good on you

  2. what a pretty color! glad to have found a new blog to look at!

  3. Thanks for your support and positive comments.

  4. Cookie* sorry your comment disappeared. I told it to publish it but now it's gone. So sorry. Thank you for your comment.


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