Friday, 27 April 2012

Karine - WOW WOW WOW


Wow wow wow oh wow was what I said when I opened the package that contained these polishes.  These are the handmade creations from Karine and they are way better and prettier than I expected and I apologise now that my camera does not do these justice. 

These polishes are jellies with flakes and glitter.  On her  blog she held a poll asking which of her polishes was your favourite and the one with the most votes would be the one that you would receive for free if you purchased 2 or more of her polishes.  Yes for free !  Very generous of her.

Noir Desir, Ooh La La, Naiade

Noir Desir won the vote so I'll start with that one.  This one is black jelly with flakes and glitter.  I layered this over a black creme except for the pinky which is 2 coats of Noir Desir on it's own.

Shade - Noir Desir over black, pinky is Noir Desir 2 coats on it's own
Partial Sun - Noir Desir over black, pinky is Noir Desir 2 coats on it's own
Naturally one of my choices was the purple one called Ooh La La.  Once again I layered this over a matching purple (I used China Glaze Grape Pop) to bring out the purple in the jelly.

My other purchase was a way off one for me.  Normally I stick to purples and pinks but this one is a turquoise colour called Naiade.  I layered this over China Glaze Gussied Up Green and I really liked that.  I actually tried this one over alot of different greeny bluey colours and I liked all of them.

Artificial light

Then my 9 year old daughter, Montana, said I should put them over white.  Don't know where she came up with that one from but they look great over white! 

Naiade over white, Ooh La La over white, Noir Desir over white

Overall, I really like these polishes.  I think they're very versatile and I will definitely be wearing these again.

* I found them really easy to apply compared to some other jellies. 
* These ones stay where you put them. 
* You get a good amount of glitter and flakies on the brush.  
* You get good coverage and don't have to do any patching up later.
* They spread very well and easily.

Karine is currently out of stock on most colours but is still taking orders as backorders.  Which is a really good way to operate because it means you will get what you want and don't have to stalk Etsy and end up missing out.

I hope you like these as much as I do and hop on over to Karine's page to see her other colours.

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  1. Me too. Anything purple and I have to have it!

  2. Ooh la la looks great on you! I love your review and your daughter really thinks outside the box :) I have never thought of layering them over white and I love it!

  3. I'm sorry about the photos not showing them to their best. I went and looked at some cameras this morning so will get a new and better one soon. Yes I love Ooh La La and yes my daughter is great with colours. I'm sure she's going to do something creative like make up artistry or something like that when she grows up.


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