Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Color Club - Wish Upon A Rock-Star


This is what I did over piCture pOlish Tiffany. 

Wish Upon A Rock-Star is large pink hex with small gold, red, green and turquoise glitters in a clear base.

My camera doesn't show the individual coloured glitters too well but it was a really striking combination in real life.

2 coats Tiffany, 1 coat Wish Upon A Rock-Star

2 coats Tiffany, 1 coat Wish Upon A Rock-Star

2 coats Tiffany, 2 coats Wish Upon A Rock-Star
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

piCture pOlish - Tiffany

Hi there

Sorry been MIA for a while. 

I've done heaps of nails and taken pics but the quality was crap.  These pics are about as good as it gets with this camera.  It's like a catch 22 cause I might be able to afford a new camera if I could stop buying nail polish and make-up!

Tiffany - 2 coats

Available from under Light Shades tab for AUD $9.50.

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Friday, 18 May 2012

My Darling Polishes

Darling - Sugarplum Fairy and Just a Little Frosting

Hi again

So a while back I showed you Just a Little Frosting and this week I've finally got around to wearing Sugarplum Fairy.  You would think with me being obsessed with purple that this would've been the first one that I wore out of the two.

I love both colours so it will always be a tough choice for me to decide which one to wear. 

Sugarplum Fairy

Just a Little Frosting
Great polishes in my opinion.  Very easy to apply.  Gorgeous colours with beautiful shine.  I was lucky enough to get these on sale.  If you're interested, have a look at the other colours on offer from this Australian company at

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My nails, My hair


Hi all

So you've all seen my nails and they're very long especially for natural nails.  Today went out with them naked.

Today I'm at the chemist and the girl behind the counter grabbed my hand and asked if my nails were real. 

They are so I say yes. 

Then she asks how do I get them that long, do I put anything on them to keep them strong? 

I say no I don't do anything to them, I just grow nails and hair very well.

Then she looks at my hair and was almost screaming about how long my hair is.  It's that long that I can sit on it.

So here's a picture of my hair for you all.  This was taken last weekend.

This is what I found for $1 each at Coles today.  Pretty happy with that.

Then I got home and these were waiting for me from Darling Diva Polish - Pendragon and Ringer

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nubar - Stardust


This is a pink/gold duochrome.  Very nice as I've found all the Nubar polishes to be.

I think it needs more pink in it though because in some lights it looks orange and I don't like that. 

 So not happy with that on it's own with my skin tone, I decided to turn it into a gradient using Nubar Funky Opal and Nubar Tahiti Breeze.  Normally I would do the gradient the other way round finishing with the darkest colour at the tip.  I like the gradient much better than Stardust on it's own.

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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pink Comparisions - Dollish Polish, Pretty and Polished, Candeo Colors




I realised I have all these light pink sparkly indie polishes so I thought I would compare them for future reference.


This is a pretty polish that is a creamy pink colour with small pink and blue glitter in it. 

I thought it would have more sparkle that what it did.

It applied well and wasn't too thick or too runny but just needs something else I thought. 

Hip Hop Hippity Hop - 2 coats


This one is a bit of a darker pink but still light just a bit brighter than Hip Hop and Dolce.

It has different sized purple and pink glitters in it that sparkle quite well. 

Very easy to apply and not too thick or too runny and enough glitter on the brush without having to try.

One coat didn't cover the nail line, 2 coats did cover it and I was happy with how it looked.

Candy Coated - 1 coat, Candy Coated - 2 coats, Dolce - 1 coat, Dolce - 2 coats


This one is the palest of the three and has different sized white, purple and pink glitters in it that also sparkle quite well.  There is also a few silver bar glitters in this one.

This one was very sheer and runny and it was more like you had to place the glitters instead of just brushing them on.  Although having said that, you do get quite alot of glitter on the brush without trying too hard. 

One coat didn't cover the nail line and was very sheer and pale.  Two coats was much better although you can still see some of the nail line. 

I personally don't like to see the nail line so with this in the future I think I would either try 3 coats or use a coat of a pink cream underneath.

Candy Coated - 1 coat, Candy Coated - 2 coats, Dolce - 1 coat, Dolce - 2 coats

My thoughts:
* not happy with Hip Hop and probably won't use it again but maybe should try layering it
* very happy with Candy Coated that I can do 2 coats and that's all it needs, will use again
* happy with Dolce, very pretty but bit too sheer for my liking to use on it's own, will use again either with layering or 3 coats on it's own

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Candeo Colors - Mallard


Hi again

I used Candeo Colors Mallard over China Glaze Cherish (green) and China Glaze Harmony (purple). 

CG Cherish, CC Mallard, CG Harmony
I really love how this turned out but shame about my stupid camera not showing the colours properly.  As you know I love purple and this shade of green just matches it so well.  I couldn't decide which colour I liked better so I did all the variations listed below.

Thumb - 2 coats CG Cherish, 1 coat CC Mallard

Index - 1 coat CG Harmony, 1 coat CC Mallard

Middle - 2 coats CG Cherish sponged with CG Harmony, 1 coat CC Mallard

Ring - 2 coats CC Mallard

Pinky - 2 coats CG Charish, 2 coats CC Mallard

I think it looks best on thumb and index so either over the green or the purple. 

Thumb - 2 coats CG Cherish, 1 coat CC Mallard
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