Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My nails, My hair


Hi all

So you've all seen my nails and they're very long especially for natural nails.  Today went out with them naked.

Today I'm at the chemist and the girl behind the counter grabbed my hand and asked if my nails were real. 

They are so I say yes. 

Then she asks how do I get them that long, do I put anything on them to keep them strong? 

I say no I don't do anything to them, I just grow nails and hair very well.

Then she looks at my hair and was almost screaming about how long my hair is.  It's that long that I can sit on it.

So here's a picture of my hair for you all.  This was taken last weekend.

This is what I found for $1 each at Coles today.  Pretty happy with that.

Then I got home and these were waiting for me from Darling Diva Polish - Pendragon and Ringer

Thanks for reading


  1. :O Which Coles would that be where you found the Ulta3 polishes for $1?

    1. Hi, It was Coles Penrith that I found them at. They had heaps that weren't even unpacked yet. Cambridge Gardens didn't have any.

    2. Oooh, how interesting. I have seen Ulta3 at Woolies for $2, but not at Coles before. If I swing by Penrith, I might drop by Coles!


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