Saturday, 5 January 2013

Zoya Gilty Trio

Zoya Gilty Trio

This was one of my Christmas presents. My husband bought this for my daughter to give to me. He's such a good thoughtful husband.

The 3 polishes come in a nice little gift box. They all have a really good formula and go on nicely and dry to a smooth finish.

Purity (white) - bright white, no shimmer
Raven (black) - shiny black with a very slight shimmer
18K Real Gold TopCoat - absolutely brilliant, the gold doesn't clump and spreads easily

I highly recommend getting these if you can. They're gorgeous and once you've got the gold topcoat you can layer it over any other colour that you want.

(These pics looked great and were nice and bright til I uploaded them to Blogger and now they look dull so I'm not sure what's going on there.  Think Blogger is having problems because it also won't let me upload any new photos).

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  1. Your nails are just beautiful! Lucky you to get these as a present, am well jel :) x x x


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