Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Colour by TBN - Part 1

Colour by TBN - Tambourine, Frosted Mauve, Jail Bird


Back on Mother's Day this year, my daughter gave me a bottle of Colour by TBN - Tambourine nail polish that she had bought from the Mother's Day Stall at school.  I had never heard of this brand before and was quite surprised when I saw them at the chemist for only $2.50 each because I'm pretty sure the stall at school charged my daughter alot more than $2.50.  

These polishes are great value for money.  They are a good formula, go on smoothly and evenly and shiny.  They dry quickly but not before you can get a whole nail done.  Also good is the fact that most of the colours are one-coaters which is great when it's late at night and you can't bear to go to work the next day with naked nails!  They also lasted a whole week on my nails without chipping and without top coat.

Colour by TBN - Tambourine is a bright shimmery orange colour.

Tambourine with Color Club - Diamond Drops

Colour by TBN - Frosted Mauve is a shimmery dark mauve colour.  I love this one!

Colour by TBN - Jail Bird is a shimmery grey with silver shimmer.

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