Monday, 9 July 2012

AVON Nail Enamel - Mystic

AVON Nail Enamel - Mystic

Hi everyone

I did an order with Avon recently as they had the polish on sale and then you got a bottle of Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray for free.  I chose the colour Mystic because it looked nice on paper (in the brochure) and I could only find one picture of it on someone's nails on the internet.  

Mystic is a very hard to describe colour.  To my eyes it's a very shiny and sparkly beige sort of colour with slight pink undertones.  It's very cool-toned and suited me extremely well.  I will try to wear this again on a bright sunny day and try to get some better pics of it.

The Liquid Freeze is actually pretty good too.  It does work but it is annoying how it sprays all over your fingers as well as your nails.

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  1. Wow that colour is amazing! I've been trying to get Avon for weeks now but they won't contact me.. how strange of them haha! When they do, I'll be picking up this beauty!
    And oh my gosh, your nails are spectacular! I never get tired of looking at them :)

    1. It is amazing! I was really happy that it was nice and suited me. I've ordered Rose Quartz in my next order. They never got back to me. I was just lucky to find out that one of the ladies at my work does Avon. Hopefully you can order this soon!

  2. Beautiful colour! I will have to flick through the Avon catalogue again!


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