Friday, 3 August 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge - Glitter Gal

Today for The Great Aussie Polish Challenge is Glitter Gal - Blue.

I've been on a Glitter Gal boycott since their St Patrick's Day competition where you could only enter your nail art design if you had used Glitter Gal green polishes so that you could win Glitter Gal green polishes.  Seemed stupid to me because if I already owned their green polishes why would I want to win more of the same thing?

So the boycott ended the other week when I read on Tara's blog (Osiris and Loki Paint Their Nails) that you could get these for $2 a bottle at a clearance place in Penrith.  I bought two of every colour I could find.  One set for me and one lot for my sister.

This one is a light blue and it was a bit sheer so I think next time I would layer it over a creme so I don't have to use so much of it because these are only 9ml bottles.


Filtered sun


Full sun
 Available from Glitter Gal or Ninja Polish.

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  1. It's purrrrety, gotta love a $2 holo!!!

  2. I totally would not pay the $17 odd they ask for this polish but at 2 bucks i was real happy in getting 7 colours!!!glad you found them. we must catch up sometime when i am in penrith!

    1. Yes Tara we should catch up! That would be great.

  3. Argh, why does Penrith have to be so far from me?? :( Gorgeous holo! I love how strong the effect is on your nails!

  4. I love Glitter Gal, I just wish they're more readily available. Looks great on you!

  5. $2! Such a great bargain! Gorgeous holo.

  6. Wow! So jealous! I wish we had them somewhere here! Well we could but I'm not aware. Haha.
    I loooove holo. <3


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